Chris Hemsworth and the bodyweight routine to get rid of fat

Chris Hemsworth He has his own fitness app, where he works with some of the best trainers in the world to create all kinds of routines and training programs, and they are not only for his followers, but also so that he can train and stay active at all times.

Along with his coach, Luke ZOOCHI, the actor who plays Thor in the MCU already Tyler Rake in Rescue Mission, developed a routine of only 10 minutes, which can also be performed without touching a single weight using only body weight. But it is not a very easy routine to achieve, it requires your maximum effort from the moment it starts and until the end.

With ZOOCHI (who you can train with if you use the actor’s app, called Centr), Chris Hemsworth has worked with trainings from boxing, Short HIIT routiness (has one of only 3 moves), exercises with weights, cardio, flexibility and strength circuits, plus it focuses on your overall well-being.

So much Hemsworth What ZOOCHI They know that the key to having a good training program is variety, so they tend to combine between longer routines with others that are ideal for those who have little time and, this time, they even made a video where they show how each should be done. element of his “No Limit” routine.

Chris Hemsort’s 10 minute routine:

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This routine is intense and requires a bit of speed and coordination, the goal is that perform each exercise for 40 seconds, leaving 20 seconds rest between each one (This method, known as 40:20 It is the basis of many HIIT routines and is ideal for burning fat and losing weight, as well as helping to work on resistance). Once finished, you must repeat the entire circuit 1-2 more times (Chris only does 2, but it depends on your condition and level), without letting the intensity drop at any time.

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