Celta wanted Lainez, but they were ‘scared’ with the price of America

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“So what is he doing or what?” and as soon as they heard the price they said “no thanks”. Before they hired Néstor Araujo and recently Orbelín Pineda, Celta de Vigo formally asked about Diego Lainez when he was playing for America, but when listening the price passed by because the Mexican market “is out of proportion.”

This was revealed by the president of Celta, Carlos Mouriño, who stated that prefer Brazilian, Uruguayan or Argentine players of their local leagues for being more economical and to have a greater historical filming in the high competition, although he said “pleased” with what was shown by several Mexicans in Spain.

“I think there is a lot of interest, what happens is that the mexican market is expensive for us, there is no denying it, it is reality. Us we were also dealing with (Diego) Lainez Before it took over Betis, we were with several Mexican players and indeed it is a somewhat high market if compared to other markets on that continent, “said the Galician leader to ESPN.

“That (costs) maybe prevents more Mexican players from here, but not for quality, that’s why Mexican players here in Spain are very followed, but it is difficult to bring them due to these economic difficultiesI repeat, the Mexican market is perhaps a little higher than the Brazilian, than the Uruguayan, than the Argentine, “added Mouriño.

‘Chucky Lozano was worth that fortune, but not all’

Exemplifying the figures that are requested in the MX League by national players, the president of the Vigo team highlighted Hirving Lozano as a Mexican “who is worth a fortune”However, not all are at that level, so exporting talent to Europe is difficult.

“There are particular cases. For (Hirving) Lozano they paid a lot of money and it was worth it, he later showed that it was worth it, then it is not the same, we are not talking about that type of case, but about the case of the player who has to come here to see if he adapts, to see if he responds and to see if he plays, then there is quite a difference from those countries that I named Mexico, yes there is enough, “he said.

What do you expect from Orbelín Pineda at Celta?

As the only current addition to the winter market, there are great expectations in the Maguito, who was a key piece for Cruz Azul to break a curse of more than 23 years in Liga MX.

Hopefully with the incorporation of Pineda and if you can do any other let’s take that leap up Because Celta’s problem is a tremendous irregularity, which makes impressive games and there are others who don’t know if they are playing or not. This irregularity is costing us points, but the team is alive and the team can still achieve very good results and we hope it will achieve them, “said the leader of the club who is in position 14 in LaLiga.


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