AMLO expresses interest in Banamex returning to the hands of Mexican businessmen

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador assured that he would like that, after the announcement of Citigroup from the sale of Banamex, this bank can be acquired by Mexican businessmen and can be “Mexicanized”.

In a video broadcast on his social networks, the head of the federal Executive pointed out that businessmen such as Ricardo Salinas Pliego, from Grupo Salinas; Charles Slim, from Inbursa; Carlos Gonzalez, from Banorte, could buy the bank and celebrated that some of them have already shown interest in acquiring it.

In his Presidency office, accompanied by Adam Augusto López Hernández, Minister of the Interior (Segob), and of Rogelio Ramirez de la O, head of the Treasury (SHCP), the federal president guaranteed that the sale of Banamex will pay taxes.

“Look, there is the Secretary of the Interior, the Secretary of the Treasury, and we are talking about the sale of Banamex. This has to do with a Citigroup policy of going back to what it originally was as a wholesale bank, and leaving consumer banking around the world.

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“I say this so that it is not misunderstood because the adversaries also take advantage of everything to say that economic things are bad in the country and that is why Banamex is being sold. Well, no, it’s a Citigroup policy, and hopefully this will become something good, it’s not bad, but we can turn it into something very good, without authoritarian measures it will be possible to Mexicanize this bank that used to belong to Mexicans”.

“Of course you have to pay the tax, it could be Mexican investors who stay with Banamex, return Banamex to Mexico. I am pleased that Ricardo Salinas Pliego has expressed his interest in buying it. he already has Azteca Bank and I believe that they have sufficient resources to do so, the same could be thought of Carlos Slim, of Inbursa, of Carlos González, of Banorte, of others.

“He sent a message to José Javier Garza Calderón from Nuevo León, that they could also, along with other investors, get together to buy the bank, and there must be many other investors, Mexican bankers.”

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He pointed out that this does not mean that foreign investors are prevented from participating in this sale since “we are not closed, we are not chauvinists, we are not against foreigners, but we would like this bank to be Mexicanized.”

“Also because it usually happens, that the profits of the bank, when the shareholders are foreigners, are not reinvested in our country, lately our adversaries also speak of capital flight, and it is not like that.”

He affirmed that “a lot of foreign investment” is arriving in Mexico, that there is economic stability, and stressed that the peso has not been devalued and has resisted the crisis generated by Covid-19.

“A lot of foreign investment is coming in, they are profits that are not reinvested in Mexico, bank profits go away, which by the way has done very well, very well for the entire financial sector, the entire banking sector because there is a real state of Law, and tranquility, there is a level floor, there is no corruption, there is no very influential. All this gives a lot of confidence to invest in Mexico, and that is what happens in public finances. Our peso has not been devalued, for example, we resisted the crisis without contracting additional debt, we are leaving, Mexico has unbeatable conditions to grow, a lot of foreign investment is arriving, a plus is being created, and we are going to get ahead.

“So there is that possibility, that opportunity that Mexican investors can stay with Banamex,” he said.

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He pointed out that this operation will leave billions of pesos in taxes that will enter the public treasury that will be used for the development of the country.

“So that this budget continues to be allocated to the well-being of our people to maintain peace and tranquility, with the understanding that peace is the fruit of justice.”



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