they offer to stop saying “Bancomer”

The announcement of the sale of Banamex by the financial giant Citi aroused jokes among users on social networks, having as its main recipient BBVA, who they asked to acquire the business and in return they will stop saying “Bancomer”.

“If you stick with the credit card promotions when they sell Banamex, I swear I’ll stop calling you Bancomer,” says one of the messages on Twitter.

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Other users have also asked BBVA to keep the preferential sales of tickets for concerts and various events that are largely concentrated by Citibanamex.

“If those from Bancomer keep OCESA’s pre-sales, at that moment I start calling them BBVA,” one of the messages refers.

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The news of the sale of Banamex has made the term “Bancomer”, Which has become a recurring joke among social media users who resist calling it BBVA.

Other users have also expressed their doubts about what will happen to their accounts or their managed resources in the Citibanamex Afore, a business that is put up for sale as part of Citi’s strategy to get rid of the retail part, the brand and other corresponding assets. to Banamex.

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