Journalists explode against Djokovic: Scoundrel and stupid

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The Serbian tennis player and number of the ATP, Novak Djokovic He was able to leave the refugee hotel he was in and has already trained at the Australian Open venues; but nevertheless has received multiple criticisms for his refusal to receive the vaccine against covid-19.

Given this, two journalists went viral for airing some criticism against Nole, however, they believed that the microphones had already been turned off.

The journalists Rebecca Medern and Mike Amor – hosts of one of the most important newscasts in Australia- They were off the air but with the microphones on and started a conversation about the tennis player’s situation.

“Wherever you look at it, Novak Djokovic is a liar, scoundrel and stupid. The way you look at it, it’s unfortunate that others support it, ā€¯Medern said.

Mike Amor supported his partner and lashed out: “eit’s true, found that excuse and then got caught up in his own lies. This is what happened. Impartial people will see him as he was and that he is an idiot. “

For their part, they agreed that the decision of Isolating Djokovic in a refugee hotel caused great anger among the fans and supporters of the tennis player, although they also regretted that he will finally participate in the Australian Open that will begin on January 17.

“You can’t justify it but life isn’t always fair. Some people travel first class and others don’t know what it is,” Medern said.

Within a few hours of leaving the concentration hotel, Novak Djokovic started training at a tournament venue and assured that his intention was to participate in the Australian Open, where he aspires to the title to overcome Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

“I came here to play in one of the biggest tournaments we have in front of wonderful fans,” he wrote on his Instagram account.



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