IMSS Clinic 89 staff work under protest; They ask for the dismissal of deputy director Ángel Lara López

Doctors, nurses, laboratory workers and among other positions that work in the Family Medicine Unit number 89 of IMSS Saltillo they work under protest permanently, until the deputy medical director is removed Angel Gerardo Lara López.

VANGUARDIA managed to contact the protesters who stated that the managers and the union have already been asked to go to the doctor given the dilemmas that it has generated within the clinic.

They also recalled that in 2019 staff from the Family Medicine Unit number 89 presented complaints to the IMSS Delegation, same complaints that were followed up in a file issued in the Coahuila Human Rights Commission (CDHEC).

“The man had already been fired from this unit in 2019, apparently they just took him away to cover the male’s eye, but he’s been here for six days and he’s wandering through the corridors mocking that he has already returned; We are not going to stop work, but we do want to show that we do not agree that the man is here, “said one of those affected.

They pointed out that the problems generated by The alleged mismanagement of Lara López has come to affect the beneficiaries who come to request a medical service at this clinic, who have complained about the lack of general consultations and the delivery of medicines.

He is not a good manager, he is not a good manager, he is not a good colleague, we do not want him to be in this unit because of administrative mismanagement, nepotism, he has treated people badly and has come to invent legal situations to reach the delegation”They affirmed.

It should be said that in this Medicine Unit, 405 workers of health provide their services, of that total, a 90 percent is the one who is working under protest until your requests are met.

“He thought that we were not going to demonstrate and we are really doing it, in a peaceful way, we will not stop our work, but if we want both the Social Security Union at the state level together with the IMSS State Delegation support us by removing this bad manager ”, they stated.


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