Get off the pedestal! The arrogant declaration of Pierre Gasly to overwhelm Sergio Checo Pérez

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Pierre Gasly was left wanting to continue in the Red Bull Racing seat, so he has a special duel with Sergio Pérez.

Gasly's arrogant declaration to sweep Checo
© Getty ImagesGasly’s arrogant declaration to sweep Checo

It has become a habit to listen statements that go against Sergio Pérez and criticize him for having the privileged seat of Red bull racing with Max Verstappen. Although has proven to live up to the same and be fundamental in the consecration of his partner in the 2021 Formula 1 season, negative comments keep coming. Bernie Ecclestone (Ex-President of F1), Jean Todt (President of the FIA) and Nico Rosberg (World Champion in 2016) are simply some personalities that ask for the departure of the Mexican.

While the first asks for the return of the mythical Sebastian Vettel, which makes it a more than respectable opinion, the last two demand for a rematch for Pierre Gasly, who was already in 2019 in the Austrian team and did not give results. Surprisingly, the 25-year-old Frenchman has “attacked” Czech again in the last hours and released some arrogant statements to ensure that he deserves the position.

“It is disappointing to compare myself to those who were given the opportunity to take a seat with Red Bull. Based on the numbers and results I showed better profit than any other Red Bull driver,” The young man pointed out forcefully in an interview with the German magazine Auto Motor und Sport, directly hitting Sergio Pérez. However, if we analyze the numbers, this is very far from the truth …

Pierre Gasly numbers at Red Bull

Pierre Gasly already had his chance at RB in 2019. Ran 12 Grand Prix: did not get any podiums and scored only 62 points, for which he was replaced mid-season by Alexander Albon. “If I can finish in fifth place in a classification with a half-grid car (AlphaTauri), then with a faster one I would do even better. I believe in myself and my goal to fight a Championship is strong.”, he sentenced.

Sergio Pérez numbers at Red Bull

Sergio perez He was at Red Bull throughout the 2021 season, where he had a hard time adapting to the new car but ended up being instrumental in Max Verstappen winning the title from Lewis Hamilton. He obtained a victory, four times a 3rd place, five 4th and three 5th, was out of the best 5 in a total of 9 Grand Prix out of 22 possible. He came out 4th in the drivers table with 190 units and took the runner-up in the team championship.


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