Daring and speed, letters of introduction from the debutant scorer of Pumas

Last Monday, Jorge Ruvalcaba had a dream debut, as the youth had minutes with Pumas on the First division and the first ball he touched made it a goal, which began to make his dream come true in Pumas, because the born in california marked the four of the five goals with those who University beat (5-0) Toluca.

With his performance, the midfielder showed that, first Carlos Cariño (Pumas Sub 20 coach) did not make a mistake when registering (for Opening 2021) and after that Andres Lillini he did well to raise it to the first team. And is that RECORD could know that the footballer of 20 years, came to the quarry to do tests and immediately filled the eye of the trainers who observed him, because his daring, speed, his way of face and define They did it about going out among all the young people who at that time were testing themselves, so Ruvalcaba, at that time player of the American team Golden state, ended up being hired by College.

And those were part of the characteristics that made Andres Lillini decided immediately to raise him to the first team, because the Argentine coach since he saw him he was surprised by his individual technique, speed and ability to make decisions at the right time. In addition to their 20 years He is a calm, simple man with a great capacity for adaptation, which is why since last year He had the opportunity to train sometimes with the first team.

Ruvalcaba signing his contract with Pumas

In the end this week ended up being a dream day for the Mexican American, because on Sunday he played his first game with Pumas, in the category Sub 20 against Toluca where they tied one and Ruvalcaba started and played the 90 minutes. But his moment of glory was the next day, because his debut in First division was entering change to the 68 minutes of game against Red Devils and a minute later scored the fourth goal of the night.


Ruvalcaba, Mexican American player has already in college his first team like professional football player, even for that in the page of the MX League appears as a player trained in Mexico, because despite having trained outside the quarry, in Pumas has started his career and it is his first club professionally, as he does not have any other antecedent that links him to another team.

The footballer of 20 years old, born in California (United States), came to the Mexico City to be tested in Pumas, this after feline viewers literally saw him perform in the team Golden State of Pasadena, so from there it is that it was taken to the quarry to be observed by the auriazules coaches, who did not hesitate to register it when they saw it. Even the same footballer shared on his social networks that he July 8 last year he signed the contract that officially unites him with the University Club.

“Blessed for having signed my first professional contract with Pumas. I am thankful for this opportunity, it is only the beginning, “he said. Jorge Ruvalcaba on his social networks at the time he signed his signature on the auriazul contract.

Ruvalcaba signing his contract with Pumas

Jorge Ruvalcaba He is the second Mexican-American soccer player that the coach has Andres Lillini in the first team of college, since the other is the midfielder Sebastian Saucedo, who was also born in California.


Jorge Ruvalcaba celebrating his first goal


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