Pfizer will have omicron vaccine ready in March, CEO says

“There are discussions daily. We want to be ready with the best possible product by fall 2022,” the executive stressed.

In December, when it announced that it was going to start clinical studies earlier this year for the new booster dose, Moderna already warned that if these were successful, it would still take months for the product to be available.

The biotechnology firm, however, has already closed agreements with countries such as the United Kingdom, South Korea or Switzerland worth about 18.5 billion dollars.

Bancel said on Monday that Moderna has the capacity to provide between 2,000 and 3,000 million booster doses this year and assured that the difficulties are no longer in the volume of production, but rather in the distribution, especially in developing countries. .

In that sense, the executive said that during last November his company had between 50 and 100 million doses daily waiting to be sent to low-income nations.

Fourth dose of coronavirus vaccine approved for people over 60 in Israel

Moderna had already anticipated last month that it was going to start working on adapting its product to the new omicron variant, which is infecting many vaccinated people.

According to studies, vaccines continue to greatly reduce the possibility of severe cases, a protection that is even greater in the case of people who have recently received a booster dose.


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