Peláez recognizes “great challenge” in renewing players; Vega in talks

The manager points out that the negotiation of signings for the Sacred Herd has been a challenge.

Video: Peláez assures that Vega wants to stay in Chivas

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“They are the rules of FIFA And that’s how they are established, today that we have this situation with a player that the fans want, that he wants to stay, that we want him to stay and when the parties are aligned it can have a good end. That a beloved player like Alexis he will score a goal and show the idea of ​​staying, everything is lining up to reach a successful conclusion ”.

The chat with the player flows and Peláez is positive in the conclusion of the negotiation. They have until January 31 to reach an agreement that is convenient for both parties and thus be able to continue with Alexis vega in the team.

“Without going into more detail that we are working with good communication with the player and representative, with a very good disposition of the club towards the renewal of Alexis, I hope it can be specified as soon as possible”

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On the other hand, Ricardo Peláez He assured that it has been a challenge to incorporate players in the transfer markets, but he highlighted the hiring of Roberto Alvarado, who came to Chivas after the losses of Alejandro Mayorga and Uriel Antuna.

“It is a great challenge, the renewal of the players is not like before, it is getting a little more complicated, not only in Chivas but in the world like Real Madrid, Barcelona and in other leagues. On the matter of hiring, thinking a little that last season was the lack of a goal, today we bring a player who has a goal, he can add a lot to us that is known as Alvarado. The preseason we went from less to more and things were well planned with all this complexity of the virus ”.

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