Chivas trusts in the renewal of Alexis Vega

debuted in the Scream Mexico BBVA Clausua 2022 with overwhelming triumph over him Mazatlan with everything and a goal from Alexis vega, who celebrated by kissing the shield and making a sign that he would stay in the Flock.

The theme of Alexis in Chivas It has been quite a novel. The club wants to renew his contract and the player is willing to accept, as long as some conditions are met. Striped he remains on the prowl, seeking to convince the player with an attractive salary.

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‘If there were no internal competition, we would be j% did # s’ Pollo Briseño

Chivas plans to renew Alexis Vega

The sporting president of the Herd, Ricardo Peláez, assured that the renewal of Alexis vega is on a good path. The manager assured that the good news for them is that the forward wants to continue in the rojiblanco team and that is why the negotiations have been directed.

We are working with good communication both with the player and with his representative. Hopefully it can be finalized as soon as possible. Today we have this situation with a player that the people love, that he wants to stay, he has manifested it. We want it to stay and when the parts are aligned, I think that can have a good end”, Declared for Marca CLARO.

Chivas players in the Apertura 2021

Vega has been one of the most important players in Chivas in the last tournaments, to the degree that they gave him the ’10’ of the chiverío. That is why the player asked for a salary improvement to renew and although the Flock did offer it, it did not meet the forward’s expectations.

Now, after having debuted with a great goal against the Mazatlan, it seems that Alexis vega Y Chivas They will come to fruition for the forward to extend his contract with the rojiblancos. The next rival of Flock at Closing 2022, will be the Pachuca as a visitor.

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