Carlos Salcedo’s signing in Brazil falters due to disagreement

Palmeiras and Flamengo sent their offer, but the negotiation stopped and it may fall.

Video: The signing of Carlos Salcedo in Brazil is in danger due to disagreement in negotiations

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The footballer of Tigers On January 2, 2022, he signed authorization documents for a Brazilian company to get him offers to continue his career abroad. Dan Kozic is responsible for representing these companies and offering the player in Palmeiras and Flamengo.

TUDN got access to documents signed by Carlos Salcedo. In them comes the exclusive authorization to the marketing companies to receive transfer proposals and the employment contract.

They point out that the problem arose when Salcedo’s agent decided to go alone in the negotiation and ignore the agreement signed by Carlos, a situation that led to Palmeiras withdrawing the purchase proposal. The authorization document expires on January 31, the last day of winter transfers.

They are also waiting for you Flamengo make the same decision and withdraw from the fight for Carlos Salcedo. The outlook may change if the company authorized by Salcedo and its representative agree to joint collaboration, according to sources.

Likewise, they point out that Carlos Salcedo authorized another company in December to offer it in Porto Y Benfica. These will be crucial days to know the future of Carlos Salcedo and if he stays in Tigres or manages to find other horizons abroad.

Video: Suitors come out for Salcedo in Europe and South America


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