Lufthansa made 18,000 empty flights in order not to lose its seat at certain airports

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Lufthansa, one of the largest aviation companies in Europe, has confirmed that it carried out 18,000 flights without passengers just to keep your takeoff and landing rights in some of the main airports, as the web ensures Belgian news The Bulletin.

Basically, before the pandemic, the European Union required any airline you used at least 80% of your scheduled time slots take off and landing at major airports to maintain the right to keep flying from (and to) those airports.

During the pandemic, that number dropped until the fifty%, but still it has been complicated for many airlines to reach that fee, since people I was not very interested in all that of “travel”.

Faced with that situation, the Lufthansa Group still had problems reaching that quota and could lose use rights over certain airports, so you decided to do something. That “something” turned out to be chartering up to 18,000 empty flights (or almost empty), since there was no requirement about how many people had to travel during its Tas reserved slots.

You don’t have to be an expert to understand the cost that about environment. ORn aircraft emits approximately 18 kg of carbon dioxide per kilometer Of flight. We don’t know when they all lasted those empty flights, but the bottom line– A lot of resources were wasted just to keep up with a regulation obsolete that was not adequately adapted to the pandemic.

According to The Bulletin, the mobility minister from Belgium, Georges Gilkinet, has written to the European transport commissioner, Adina Valean, to demand changes on these regulations.

Before you are regulations could have a certain sense, since they prevented airlines from canceling hundreds flights on a whim, since si did, they faced this kind of repercussions. But with the current situation, are the rules no longer have sense and are tremendously harmful to environment.


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