‘Get off the hue …’; referee warms up and faces Cruz Azul player

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Within any party soccer ‘the normal’ is that the players or coaching staff go against the referees and them claim for some action, like Santiago Solari that he left expelled against Puebla, but in the comparison between Cruz Azul and Xolos was the opposite.

Daniel Quintero, central referee of the Cruz Azul vs Xolos, got hot after the claims received by the Celestes players and faced them, leaving an image to remember that has gone viral.

Quintero exploded against Cruz Azul players

While the match between Cruz Azul and Xolos, the players repeatedly they claimed the central whistler for fouls, danger options, cut the game, etc, so there came a time when he could not take it anymore.

Close to midfield Charly Rodríguez, who debuted with a goal, committed a lack to a Xolos player and footballers like Erik Lira and Cata Domínguez claimed Daniel Quintero for marking her, to which the whistler was not going to remain silent.

“Now, get him off eggs … let him down on eggs”, said Daniel Quintero while he was put “from you to you” to the players of Cruz Azul.

Fortunately this little mishap did not happen to adults and the actions continued normally, although the words from Daniel Quintero were questioned and applaudedSince being the authority within the field, it should not be put like that; on the other hand, they acknowledged not to be intimidated.

Cruz Azul ended up defeating the Xolos 2-0, thus adding their first 3 units at the start of the Closing 2022; his next duel will be the Saturday, January 15 when they receive the Braves of Tuca Ferretti in the vicinity of the Azteca Stadium.



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