Chinese Automakers Win Share; reach 4% of the Mexican market

Unlike the American brands or European, Chinese automotive They have a sufficient inventory of vehicles in Mexico and do not have supply problems due to the fact that in the Asian giant there is no shortage of semiconductors.

These factors helped brands JAC, BAIC, JMC, Changan and MG Motor They will increase their sales in the country during 2021, reaching 4% of the market, but could reach 5% or 6% this year.

JAC closed last year with a increase of 92% in sales compared to 2020. Only in December, its sales grew 136%.

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The Frison T8 pickup led sales, followed by the Sei2 SUV and the Frison T6 work pickup.

Isidoro Massri, director of JAC Mexico, said that this year they will continue to promote the sale of electric vehicles with the range JAC Pure Electric.

Gerardo San Román, manager for Latin America of JATO Dynamics, said Chinese automakers have the advantage of having sufficient vehicle inventory as they have not been affected by the semiconductor shortage. In addition, they have a wide range of models that are in fashion: SUVs and electric cars.

“Last year, Chinese brands reached 4% of the Mexican market and it is possible that in 2022 they will reach up to 5 or 6% of the Mexican market. They are going to double in participation.

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BAIC, JMC and Changan sold 2 thousand 32 units in 2021, that is, 32% more than in 2020.

In December, the Changan brand accounted for 70% of Motornation’s sales, thanks to the commercialization of the Alsvin, CS35 plus and CS35 plus turbo models, with everything and that it began to commercialize in July 2021.

Bernardo quintero, commercial director of Motornation, said that this year they are considering the arrival of new vehicles.

“We are on the verge of entering even more competitive SUV segments and entering higher spheres that include premium segments.

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