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Leon, Gto. January 9, 2022.- The Guanajuato Health Secretariat commemorated the seventh anniversary of the Pediatric Specialties Hospital of León

The general objective was to celebrate with staff training the 7th anniversary of the launch of the Pediatric Hospital as a public good, for the specialized medical care of children and adolescents of Guanajuato, through an exchange of knowledge between health professionals, that allows a space for dialogue and reflection in the advancement of high-risk surgeries.

The Pediatric Hospital of León was inaugurated on January 6, 2015, every day it serves more patients with quality and warmth, it has 38 census beds, 46 non-census beds, three operating rooms, 5 intensive neonatal therapy, 4 neonatal intermediate therapy and intensive therapy pediatric 8.

In addition, with 10 accreditations in CAUSES. Validity 2020, Lysosomal Diseases. Valid 2021. NICU. Valid 2021. Congenital and Acquired Surgical Disorders. Digestive system. Valid 2022. Congenital and Acquired Surgical Disorders. Spine. Valid 2022. Cochlear Implant. Valid 2022. Congenital and Acquired Surgical Disorders. Urinary system. Valid 2023. Congenital and Acquired Surgical Disorders. Cardiovascular. Valid 2023. Turner Syndrome. Valid 2023. Kidney Transplant in Pediatric Patient. Validity 2024 and certification endorsed by the General Health Council for 5 years.

It has 30 exclusive pediatric specialties, despite the pandemic, 26 thousand 750 consultations were attended and 34 thousand 752 specialties.

With the certification of the Pediatric Specialties Hospital of León last year as a Model of Quality and Patient Safety, by the General Health Council, it ratifies the State’s commitment to social justice with quality medical services.

The Hospital de Especialidades Pediátrico de León, provides care in 36 Medical and Surgical Sub Specialties, more than any other hospital in the central region of the country and the certification is the process by which the General Health Council demonstrates that it meets standards that have as reference the safety of patients, quality of medical care, hospital safety, regulations and priority national policies in health.

Like the León Pediatric Specialties Hospital, there is no other similar in other neighboring states, since it serves patients from Querétaro, Zacatecas, Jalisco and Michoacán.

The Hospital de Especialidades Pediátrico de León, obtained a rating of 9.9 out of 10, and was certified for 5 years.

The Hospital has a shelter equipped with two bedrooms, bathrooms with showers for women and men, an area with 26 lockers and a dining room for 40 people; It has the capacity to house 34 people during the day and another 34 during the afternoon.


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