Televisa and AAA ‘stole’ Mascara Sagrada’s name; they ended up in trial

Sacred mask, a historical fighter who dazzled with his performances in the ring, lived Hard moments beyond the spotlight, such as the injury that forced him to retire, plus prior to leaving the AAA, this same company, together with Televisa, They tried to steal his name.

Formerly the fighters it was the ‘superstars’ of the national sport, even on a par with footballers, and there were large sums of money that were moved thanks to them, a fact that some companies wanted to take advantage of by registering their names behind their backs and taking everything possible.

The lawsuit between Televisa and AAA for the name of Mascara Sagrada

Speaking in an interview with ‘El blog de la lucha’, the Mexican wrestler revealed a huge lawsuit in his professional stage, since the AAA and Televisa they were owning of the names of many fighters.

I found bad usesLike when they wanted to take my name away, I had to fight, go to court to defend my name. Many fighters began to leave the company (Televisa) for the same. Right now everyone is fighting for their name, but the company was left without the stars they had”Said the fighter.

Sacred Mask noticed this act in bad faith of Televisa and AAA when he wanted collect some royalties for going out in the boxes Rikolino sweets, They denied him his money by saying that a promoter had already given them his name, which sparked a legal lawsuit.

“At that time some dolls came out little ones, of Rikolino, then my colleagues told me ‘Have you already gone to collect your royalties? Candles to collect because televisa is already paying for them. ‘ So I went and he told me the accountant ‘yes Mask, we already have your royalties, but Antonio Peña gave us your name’. Well, if the name is mine, then I went with him, he couldn’t tell me and I told him I’m going and I’ll take the name and if you want it, it’s going to be on trial ”.

Although this lawsuit lasted many years, Sacred mask Fortunately came out with his name intact, well Televisa disengaged from the lawsuit and left AAA alone, where there was insufficient evidence to take away what belonged to him.

“The first that lay down for back was Televisa, gave the fight to AAA and we keep fighting until we earn the name. They were about 6-7 years on trial. It helped a lot that there was a history that Máscara Sagrada was born in the Arena México, there were payrolls there and there was not a very strong test to be able to remove my name“Sacred Mask sentenced.



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