4 tips to improve your credit history

To live calmly with your finance personal, and that you do not suffer from dragging debts or that they do not authorize you cards of credit neither loans in the future it is necessary that you take control at once and clean your Credit bureau. There is no magic bullet that will erase all your debts nor the records of your delays, but you can improve your credit history with these recommendations:

Don’t take suspicious loans. Facilities to grant you loans, as well as not checking the Credit Bureau to grant them could end up being a scam that makes your money disappear and if you have payments what to do things can become more difficult.

Make your monthly budget. The key so that you do not get stuck in money matters is that you keep track of the money you earn in your salary and others income and see where each peso goes, whether in essential expenses for the month or rent, transport Y services in addition to food.

You also need to put all the expenses apparently harmless that you do in the month, from that morning coffee to snacks and outings to eat or the usual pack of cigarettes and when you add everything up you will see how much of your money goes there, so some cuts can make a difference for that you reach for the fixed costs and to continue paying the active credits.

List and order your debts. Equally important, when you have several financings that haunt you even in your dreams is that you write each one of them and the orders according to the urgency you have in paying each one, or by size so that you start applying with the smallest ones and disappear them from your list and now focus on the biggest ones.

Approach the bank or finance company. If you find in your budget and the strategy to take care of all the debts that you do not have enough to pay everything, even if you wanted to, it is important that you look for an agreement with whoever issued the loan to restructure the debt and fix payments that you can assume.

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This will show goodwill, and if the original amount remains with changes there will be no losses for the Credit institution, which will minimize the effects on your Bureau record.

As you can see, it all comes down to the fact that the way to get out of trouble with your credits is to pay for them. Remember that credit is not extra money you earn, but you commit today what you will earn later, so you can end up in complicated situations if you do not use it with this in mind.

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So that you do not spend today on things that you do not really need and tomorrow you will have problems because your salary is already compromised, remember that every time you spend more than what you receive in income you will end up getting into debt so better check what is your payment capacity.

For more information on this and other topics, visit the Credits section of My Pocket.


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