Tuca Ferretti achieves 500 victory in Liga MX

The debut of the Braves of Juarez of ‘TucaFerretti, it was with victory over him Necaxa. The border team defeated the Ray with doublet of Diego Rolán, to start with the right foot the Closing 2022.

The beginning of Closing 2022It has been with goals. First the Pachuca he hit as a visitor to Athletic San Luis with doublet of Nico Ibanez and now Braves got his first win against him Necaxa, in a game with many annotations.

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The 500 triumph of ‘Tuca’ Ferretti

The experience of Ricardo Ferretti on the Liga BBVA MX ex a lot. He is the only coach who has managed to be active for more than 25 years and is already the coach with the most matches directed in Mexican soccer.

Now, the Brazilian who has also gone through the Mexican team, can boast of having achieved his 500th triumph as coach of the Liga BBVA MX. For no one is a secret that the improvement stage of ‘TucaFerretti it was when he went through Tigers.

Tuca Ferretti FC Juárez

Juárez defeats Necaxa

The debut of the Braves of ‘Tuca‘it was with a triumph. A doublet of Diego Rolán it was enough for them to add their first three points of the season. The border team is looking to have a better tournament than the previous one, where they could not even get into the playoffs.

GOAL! Diego Rolán to regain the advantage | FC Juárez 2-1 Necaxa

The first goal of the game was for Juárez. Diego Rolán opened the scoring just in the first minutes of the match and something similar happened but in the second half, when Alejandro Zendejas took care of tying it. The controversy was present when a penalty was marked in favor of the Braves for a clear lack of Luis Malagon. The problem was that the goalkeeper claimed until he was sent off.

The person in charge of collecting was Diego Rolán, who did it to the right of the goalkeeper and although he managed to save, on the rebound the Uruguayan sent it to the bottom of the nets. That was enough for them to win.

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