‘They called me meatball’; García Toraño relives controversies on ESPN

Within the sports media there have been countless fights Come in drivers, where ESPN, chain that has talk shows, conflicts of this caliber are armed; Ángel García Toraño revealed gray moments with Faitelson (who has a popular fight with Álvaro Morales), José Ramón, Paco Gabriel de Anda and other characters.

In this kind of programs there is the idea that fights are prepared and the reactions of each driver are already premeditated, something that García Toraño was in charge of denying, Well, he considered that he I would never disrespect him tosomeone if it is planned since before.

Are ESPN host fights planned?

Garcia Toraño, in an interview with the program ‘Apuntes de Rabona’, stated that on-air fights are neither planned nor prepared, because everything is given to the heat of the moment and when they come to insult each other, it is because they are truly ‘heating up’.

There isn’t. I entered in January 2007 and left in 2020 and they always met 1 hour before with the production people. In my life they told me what to say or with whom I had to fight. I was on many ESPN shows and They came to insult me, and I came to defend myself, but if it had been prefabricated, it would never have allowed me to disrespect each other ”, he confessed.

García Toraño and his lawsuits with other ESPN characters

After revealing that nothing is planned and that the conflicts occur ‘naturally’, this man revealed Some cases where argued with his companions, where even They faced each other outside the cameras.

Jose Ramon Fernandez: “He once called me yellow meatball. Imagine if I was going to design an episode like that to get a rating. The day he told me that, I said ‘yes dwarf’ to that man who closed the door on me. Maybe he would get angry but he said it with respect ”.

Juan Carlos Gabriel de Anda: “He stopped one day at ‘Calla y Listen’ and told me ‘now your mother will give you away. I know him and I know that he is a man of peace. I saw him in the eye and I knew it was not going to happen, but I was not sure because I did despair “.

ToSergio Dipp: “He once made me so desperate that I said ‘shut up, shut up now’.

Heriberto Murrieta: “He doesn’t fight a fly, I do kill them. Murrieta and I got out of our minds, because we were talking about Juan Carlos Osorio ”.

Paco Gabriel de Anda: “Once he told me ‘you are a scoundrel’, on the air, it is used a lot on the subject of football, he says ‘let’s see explain yourself, you don’t understand’. That was a disqualification for me. We leave there, we go to the dressing room and I say ‘I want to talk to you’. So I told him ‘not even my father spoke to me like that, because of the love I have for you, I’m going to ask you not to tell me again that I’m a scoundrel. “



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