‘Piojo Herrera never did that’; Fabián Estay shoots against Solari

Mexico City /

The tie between America and Puebla to start Date 1 of the tournament Closing 2022 of the MX League left a little seen image of Santiago Solari, desperate to demand an arbitration decision, something that ended up costing him his expulsion.

About, Fabian Estay, former player of America and today Fox Sports analyst, said in ‘The last word‘which sees a Azulcrema team under pressure, which led to the expulsions of Roger Martínez and Santiago Solari.

“The circumstances of the expulsion of Roger (Martinez) and the expulsion of Santiago (Solari)It seems to me that the team is under pressure ”.

But that was not all, because the Chilean was encouraged to compare what was done by Solari with the passing of Miguel Herrera on the bench Eagles, ensuring that the Louse did not have similar behaviors.

“What Roger does is deconcentration; Yes they had fouled him that the referee did not charge, but football continues, the ball kept rolling … AND Santiago (Solari) goes crazy and invades the fieldEl Piojo (Miguel Herrera) never did that, if we enter the subject of comparisons, “he sentenced.

And is that Solari was kicked off the field after invading the field of play for a foul Roger Martinez. In the end, the expulsion left the capital team diminished, which barely took a draw.



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