Improving your finances, $ 24 thousand to your piggy bank in 26 weeks

For you to make this year the one you definitely start to save money It is not necessary to look for many reasons but to want to start once and for all to fill that piggy bank and thus take that important step towards personal finance more cared for. In the first instance it seems easier said than done, but if you consider that any amount saved, no matter how modest it is, is better than not having any money saved then it becomes clearer that you should start at once.

While this may lead to starting saving anything above zero as a strategy for saving, we better go a step further and implement a savings challenge so that in the course of 26 weeks you collect 24 thousand pesos so that you finally have a emergency fund and that you can save in the Bank.

Don’t worry about the amounts you must deposit, you can print this table to keep track of it. (My Pocket)

It is precisely a procedure in the form of a challenge that will put you to the test, but to show you how simple it is to have growing savings.

You can go doing the necessary calculations to determine your saving capacity and assign in your monthly budget Y annual your savings strategy, but if previous attempts were unsuccessful, designing this method can make a difference.

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How do you start with a payment of 500 pesos in your little pig, you consider your piggy bank to be inaugurated and only once a week will you have to make the corresponding contributions.

Another relevant aspect is that it does not have fixed amounts, but that each new payment will be different from the previous one, first reducing by $ 5 each new pay the first 7 weeks, but then reversing that trend to begin to add 25 pesos and from week 13 to increase from one hundred to one hundred pesos.

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With these first descending and then ascending amounts you will be able to stay focused on following up first with amounts that can be allocated without a great impact on the pocket while you get used to the new routine.

As time goes by, the same regular practice of filling the piggy bank will be the key to acquiring the habit and when you finally pay the 14th week payment, which is located at 1450 pesos, you will have already completed the process to accumulate your 24 thousand pesos.

At the end, we will restart you to start a new one as soon as you can so that you do not lose your rhythm and you are again on the way to forge a good little save.

For more information on this and other topics, visit the My Pocket Savings section.


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