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Elon Musk, successful businessman and billionaire created the tunnel company The Boring Company, but apparently in this business he already has a ‘black boy in rice’, since in the last days a person shared a video showing a jam in one of the loops.

According to Gizmodo, this happened in a tunnel built at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The loops built by Musk’s company are 1.3 kilometers long and 3.6 meters wide and connect three stations on the site.

In the video you can see a line of cars stopped due to the congestion of the Musk loop.

The Twitter user who posted the video added ‘It turns out that the’ future of transportation ‘that fights congestion is already experiencing and generating it.’

This video generated great controversy and went viral, as it stands in contrast to a tweet Musk wrote last November about his tunnel system.

In the tweet, Musk says the newly approved loop systems in Las Vegas are the perfect solution to traffic congestion. These connect hotels, convention centers and airports.


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