Why didn’t two laundries want Pemex to buy Deer Park refinery in Texas? | News from Mexico

MEXICO CITY – A US court on Thursday dismissed a request by two owners of a laundry to prevent Pemex becomes majority control of a refinery in Texas.

Royal Dutch Shell agreed in May to sell to Pemex its majority stake in the refinery Deer park, of 302,800 barrels per day (bpd), outside of Houston.

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The agreement with Pemex, its long-time partner at the plant, It is valued at about $ 596 million.

Why had the owners of the laundry filed a lawsuit against Pemex?

Judge Lee Rosenthal denied the requests for a temporary restraining order and acceleration of the presentation of evidence presented by the businessmen who argued that the sale would increase energy prices in the United States.

Aaron Hagele and Andrew Sarcinella, owners of a laundry self-service stores in Mt. Vernon, New York, who they filed the lawsuit, argued that the sale would increase gasoline prices in the United States, hurt their customers and reduce their profits.

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Your laundry business would be damaged. “incalculable but evident“If more of the refinery’s fuel production is exported, according to a court document for the Southern District of Texas.

A Shell spokesperson said the oil company was glad the court recognized that there was no legal basis to stop the operation.

Pemex and Shell “are looking forward to close it as soon as possible“, He said.

Neither Pemex nor an attorney for Hagele and Sarcinella could be immediately reached for further comment.

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