The millionaire who would put the 800 million dollars that Amaury Vergara asks for to sell Chivas

The billionaire who could buy Chivas has already made an offer to Vergara
The billionaire who could buy Chivas has already made an offer to Vergara

The Sacred Flock is in crisis and Amaury vergara He understands it, despite the fact that he indicated that he does not want to sell the equipment, after the new litigation he has with his father’s ex-wife Jorge Vergara, the situation in Chivas It is getting worse and worse, therefore, the fans and the club’s board of directors are analyzing the possibility of selling the club.

Jorge Vergara in an interview with ESPN he commented that Chivas has a value of 800 million dollars, value that has evidently been devalued. One of the biggest clubs in the country could enter a much bigger crisis if Amaury vergara does not decide to sell.

Applicants have existed, in fact, one of the Mexican magnates interested in buying the Herd, Germán LarreaThanks to the doubling of his fortune, he could make a formal offer for Chivas. According to Bloomberg, his fortune reaches eight thousand $ 320 million.

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Would Germán Larrea buy Chivas?

As revealed by Milenio, in 2015 the executive director of Grupo México, Germán Larrea, was one of the applicants to buy the Flock when he was experiencing a similar crisis, however, Jorge Vergara gave him a resounding no. On this occasion, he could launch again a millionaire offer in order to get the Herd out of the pothole.

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