Monterrey News: Javier Aguirre, surprised with Rodolfo Pizarro

Rayados is ready for his debut at the Clausura 2022 of Liga MX and one of the players that has surprised Javier Aguirre the most is the reinforcement Rodolfo Pizarro, who returns to Rayados after two years in MLS.

“We bartered, we were still the same number of players, Rodolfo came, he pleasantly surprised me, has not played since November 8 but it has been taken care of in these two months. We are happy, they will be a great contribution to the team “, Vasco highlighted in a press conference.

Aguirre considered that Rayados arrive physically well at the start of the tournament after doing a preseason with most of his players in the last month.

“We are motivated for the start of the League, It has been the best preseason since we are here, we played good preseason games, we are healthy strong, the players are motivated, “he said.

Scratched will not be able to count on the reinforcement Luis Romo when testing positive for Covid-19, Given this, the technical director of Rayados considered that working under the health schemes of the pandemic has been the most complicated throughout his career.

“Yes, it’s something new, the most difficult thing I had to do was go to South Africa, the vaccines to be given for the World Cup, the reactions, there was vomiting afterwards. Here you cannot have them in a bubble six months in the Barrial, It is something inhuman, we have family, people who need us at home, it is something new for the coaches, “he explained.

Rayados receive Gallos Blancos on the first day of the Clausura 2022 of the MX League.


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