‘I was in heaven’; Christian Eriksen talks about his near death

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June 12, 2021 will be marked in the history of Christian Eriksen, since after 42 minutes of the duel between Denmark and Finland of the Euro 2020, the player collapsed due to heart failure.

But according to the words of the former player of the Inter de Milan, had no previous indications of an episode of that nature.

I felt great, there was no hint of anything. I felt normal so I didn’t see it coming at all. I remember Maehle’s throw-in. I hit the ball in the chest and I returned it using the shin. I felt a little cramp in my calf and then I fainted“he told Danish public television DR.

“My back is turned when I wake up. I feel them pressuring me. I struggled to breathe and then I heard faint voices and doctors talking … I’m thinking that it can’t be that I’m lying on the floor. I’m healthy, “he added.

The ex of Amsterdam Ajax recognized that one of the fears that ran through his mind was the have broken his back, although he stressed that the only thing he does not remember of the incident were the moments’ in which i was in heaven‘.

“My first thought is that I had broken my back. Can I move my legs? I can wiggle my toes, little things like that. I remember it all, except for those minutes in which i was in heaven“.

I woke up from CPR and it was like wake up from a dream. I was far away I do not remember anything. I struggled to breathe when I recovered and, slowly, I saw the doctors around me and heard voices, “said the midfielder who already warned that he will seek to play the Qatar World Cup 2022.



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