Guadalajara: gourmet store criticized for selling Costco donuts with different packaging

It is likely that we have all lied at some time about our talent in the kitchen to impress our family, partner or friends, passing as our some dishes prepared by other hands that we have bought outside the home. Similarly, a mini-supermarket in Guadalajara went viral on social media for selling Costco’s donuts at a higher price and with a different packaging that included its own logo. The $ 300 Kirkland thread is $ 499 and the $ 380 thread is $ 599.



It was on the Facebook page ‘Que Hay Gdl’ and the group ‘Addicts to Costco Guadalajara’ where the controversial idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis store generated varied and funny reactions, including some memes.



While some users interpreted it as something natural for a business that is dedicated to importing and selling hundreds of products from the US and more parts of the world, others laughed at the astuteness of the establishment to replace the packaging, raise the price considerably and affirm on social networks that it was their traditional thread for 30 years. Finally, some more wonder: will they be just as good?



  • Rosca de Reyes
  • Guadalajara
  • Store
  • Costco
  • Kings Day
  • 2022

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