Matheus Mattos, journalist from Brazil

Although many media in Mexico Y Brazil they were surprised that a player of the quality of ‘Little boy‘ comes to Tigers, everything indicates that the reason is very clear … and there is no other than the monetary.

In an exclusive interview for ‘The Willie González Hour’ in RG La Deportiva, the Brazilian journalist of the medium Netflu, Matheus mattos, he assured that, although he would have offers from Europe Y Arab Emirates, Marcilio Florencio Mota Filho I would have chosen the feline club for the juicy economic offer.

“There is one thing that I do not understand. ‘Nino’ ​​was champion of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. He is one of the best players in Brazilian soccer. Why are you coming to Mexico and not Europe at the age of 24?”, Willie questioned.

“The dollars! (laughs) I think so. It is very surprising that he has chosen Tigres when he is in the look at Tite (coach of the Brazilian National Team) ”, expressed the journalist from Rio de Janeiro.

According to Willie in his Commentary on the Monterrey Telediario Day, the Monterrey cadre will pay $ 5 million. The 60 percent It will be for Fluminense (current team of the footballer). Meanwhile he 40 will be destined to Criciúma (your previous club).


Marcilio Florencio Mota Filho, better known as ‘Nino’, started his race in the Criciúma EC as already mentioned. From there he went to Fluminense and returned to Criciúma in loan and then return to the ‘Flu’.

This tall defender, of 1.88 meters tall, can occupy any of the two positions from the central rear. He has quite a great potential and was part of the national team U23 from Brazil that was crowned champion in the last Olympics, from where the Mexican bronze medalists have already arrived Jesus Angulo Y Sebastián Córdova.


Willie also assured in his Commentary that the set of Miguel Herrera I would go for one more foreigner, in addition to the central Amazon. And it is that, with the arrival of ‘Nino’, the Nicolaitans would have nine foreigners and it would be missing a square to occupy.


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