Exatlón México would have its first athlete with Covid contagion a few days before the Grand Final

Exatlon Mexico is living one of the most tense moments of the entire competition, because despite being isolated competing day by day, the fear of many athletes came true, leaving viewers with great uncertainty.

Antonio Rosique will have to face this strong event, and it is that one of his star athletes has just tested positive for Covid-19, putting their stay in the competition at risk just a few weeks before the Grand Final.

Exatlón México is a victim of Covid-19

It was announced that one of the athletes, because within the competition is possibly infected with Covid-19Until now, the identity of said participant has not been revealed, so it could be a red or a blue, an athlete who would be in danger of leaving the competition due to this terrible contagion.

It is not known how this person came to be infected, although with the constant arrival of new athletes, either reinforcements or foreigners, it is possible that someone managed to slip out of control by production and bring the virus to the fifth season.

Sadly, this new news could put at risk the athletes’ path towards the Grand Final of Exatlón México, since for obvious reasons the athlete who is infected will not be able to continue participating in this fifth season despite having survived so long, which is why It could certainly affect your team a lot.

The return of infections due to new variants of Covid-19 I was quite concerned with the entire production, who are controlling the situation to keep all their athletes in perfect health and that the competition concludes as planned.

This terrible news is sure to leave many viewers and fans devastated. Exatlón Mexico, since we could see an athlete let go of his chance to be crowned champion thanks to this oversight.

Rumors suggest that this contagion could become the last straw within the fifth season, making it clear that this season was one of the most controversial and tragic both for athletes and for the production of Exatlón Mexico.

It is expected that during these days TV Azteca will announce the name of the infected person, hoping not to have more outbreaks within the athletes of Exatlon Mexico as in production, because if there is any recreation, the season will have to be put on hold.


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