Concacaf will finally use the VAR to Qatar 2022

The closing of the Concacaf tie should be fairer, since the regional body will implement the VAR (Video Assistant Referee) for the six remaining days of the Octagonal, to be held between the end of January and the end of March.

Concacaf is one of the three confederations that has not used this technology in playoffs, like Africa and Oceania, since Asia, UEFA (Europe) and Conmebol (South America) already take advantage of it.

But nevertheless, Concacaf’s decision to implement it was taken a few months ago, but it was until this beginning of the year when it became viable, since the impediment was not only logistical but also human, since only Mexico, the United States, and Canada had VAR arbitrators with an international badge, since only the Leagues of those countries in the Confederation are the ones that have this technology.

This changed because at the beginning of each year the FIFA renew international badges all over the world, both as referees and central referees, as well as VAR assistants and managers, not only in soccer but even in modalities such as beach soccer. And this time, too awarded badges to other VAR referees from some Central American nations.

In Mexico awarded six FIFA badges for VAR referees. Five of them already had it last year. The only news was that now received it Fernando Guerrero placeholder image, who is as central referee in the African Cup of Nations, after Carlos Ayala lost the badge for 2022.

Sources from the arbitration union confirmed Halftime that already the implementation of the VAR in the tie is a fact, after Concacaf was also interested in alleviating the criticism, since they were not only received by some controversial plays but because of the fact that it is one of the few Confederations that still does not use it.

How will you solve the logistics aspect?

Last September, Concacaf explained in a statement that five of the eight federations who dispute the Octagonal did not meet the criteria to take advantage of the VAR: that the technology was available in certified stadiums.

Before this problem, the company MediaPro, in charge of generating the television signal for all Concacaf events, will be the one that puts the VAR in all the Octagonal venues, including Jamaica, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Panama, the five countries referred to by Concacaf in September.

Only Jamaica will be the one that requires the transfer of mobile units by sea or air, because the rest of the countries can be reached by road from one of the three North American countries.

MediaPro is the one that was also hired by Mexican Soccer Federation to have VAR in Liga MX, where of the 17 stadiums of the maximum circuit, only the one in Tijuana has a special room for the VAR.

The rest runs from a cabin inside some vans, also known as mobile units, placed in the vicinity of the stadiums, a situation that will be similar in the headquarters of the tie.

The Octagonal will resume with only two FIFA Dates, in each of which will be disputed three match days. For example, Mexico will visit Jamaica, host Costa Rica, and then go to Panama on January 27 and 30, and February 2, respectively. Then he will receive the United States, visit Honduras and receive El Salvador on March 24, 27 and 30, also respectively.

Some controversies that would have been avoided

The Mexican team has been a participant in some arbitration controversies during the tie, as in his visit to Costa Rica, where Alexis Vega received a strong entrance from behind by Francisco Calvo, who only received a yellow card.

Also, in the Mexico vs Jamaica did not score a clear penalty on Jesús Gallardo for a foul by Damion Lowe, while in the game against Canada at the Azteca Stadium, which ended 1-1 last October, the whistler did not score a penalty for a foul by the visiting goalkeeper on Chucky Lozano.

Another questionable decision was made in the match between El Salvador and Costa Rica, when a criminal in favor of the ticos and a red against the Cusco team were questioned even by President Nayib Bukele.


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