Air New Zealand, Etihad and Qatar the safest airlines of 2022

Sometimes the rankings can be somewhat questionable, but the world’s leading aviation specialty site,, presented the list of the safest airlines in 2022, putting New Zealand’s airline, Air New Zealand, in first place, although the company operated very limitedly during 2020/2021, due to existing restrictions in the country.

In making its assessment of the safest airlines in 2022, took into account a wide range of factors including: airline accidents for 5 years and record of serious incidents for two years, audits from government agencies and the aviation industry, government audits, industry-leading security initiatives, fleet aging, and COVID-19 security protocols.

In selecting Air New Zealand as the safest airline in the world by 2022, editors noted that the company operates in some of the most challenging weather conditions and in remote environments.

It is also leading the way with technical innovation and has a very young fleet with an average age of just 6.8 years.

Air New Zealand is also involved in a number of safety enhancements, such as the air navigation system of the future and real-time monitoring of its engines across its fleet.

The 20 safest airlines of 2022 are:

1. Air New Zealand
2. Etihad Airways
3. Qatar Airways
4. Singapore Airlines
5. TAP Air Portugal
6. SAS
7. Qantas
8. Alaska Airlines
9. EVA Air
10. Virgin Australia / Virgin Atlantic
11. Cathay Pacific Airways
12. Hawaiian Airlines
13. American Airlines
14. Lufthansa
15. Finnair
16. KLM
17. British Airways
18. Delta Air Lines
19. United Airlines
20. Emirates

Qantas lost its number one ranking due to an incident at Perth Airport in 2018, where a combination of factors caused the crew of a 737 that had just left the runway to taxi, pass the stop bars and enter another runway. active almost colliding with a 737 on its takeoff roll.

In the list, there is no Latin American airline.


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