Pollo Briseño answered Uriel Antuna

The dressing room and environment Chivas “They have always respected their teammates,” said the Guadalajara defender, Antonio Briseño. This after the statements of the now player of Blue Cross,

Uriel antuna
, who mentioned that with the rojiblancos he did not feel supported and that the directive from Guadalajara needs to “protect the player more”.

The defender assured that the team has always shown itself and will always be humble. That is why he does not understand the statement of his now ex-partner, since he considers that the club has always been characterized by wrapping the footballer.

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This is the official calendar of the Grita Mexico Clausura 2022 Tournament

We are a very humble team, hard-working and sometimes we are in a good mood. It is a team that has always respected the teammate, trying to help as much as possible, and I did not listen to Uriel’s statement, but personally, when I arrived I felt in the best way. Two days later I already had messages from my teammates inviting me to lunch, dinner, and the same has happened around all the players who have arrived. We are pure Mexican and we know our customs, what we like and what we don’t, and that makes the team and the dressing room very good compared to others.” He said Briseño Chicken at a press conference.

Chivas continues to enlist the debut in the Closing 2022 of the Liga BBVA MX what will be sunday against Mazatlan at Akron Stadium. The Sacred Flock only added to their ranks Robert Alvarado as reinforcement, and despite the fact that teams like Tigers, Striped Y Blue Cross had more incorporations, Guadalajara he will not be left behind in his quest for the championship.

Roberto Alvarado Chivas Liga MX

The Mexican league is very competitive and Chivas must always be there fighting for the title. We have to demonstrate on the court, get it match by match because that is where the title candidates are built, proposing, playing well and trying to be a solid defense. We saw it last tournament, the stronger the defense, the more candidate you are for the title and Chivas always has to be a candidate for the title because history demands it and the fans demand it.”Mentioned the defender.

Briseño, youth squad of the Rojinegros of Atlas, did not want to comment on the title obtained by The Academy last December.

The only thing I can tell you is that today more than ever I want to be champion with Chivas, and in this tournament, because I am proud, today more than ever I want to be champion with this club and demonstrate the greatness of the team”Concluded the defender who played 15 of the 18 Guadalajara games last tournament.

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