Personalized medicine against schizophrenia based on bioinformatic analysis techniques.

The Center for Biomedical Research Network, across the area of Mental health (Cibersam) has obtained a grant of 1,192,431.90 euros from the call for Independent Clinical Research Projects (ICI) to develop the project “SchizOMICS”: CIBER multidisciplinary study to optimize the treatment of schizophrenia using multi-omics data and systems biology.

The project will last four years and will be led by Javier Labad, Cibersam researcher – belonging to the group that leads Diego Jose Palao, on the Sanitary Corporation Parc Taulí de Barcelona– and will have the support of 18 research groups, belonging to 5 areas of the CIBER.

The investigation will be based on a multicenter clinical trial randomized open-label of two antipsychotic drugs (aripiprazole vs paliperidone) that are widely used in routine clinical practice, as first-line treatment of first psychotic episodes.

A study of different biological markers at the beginning of the treatment that will allow to identify predictors of evolution at the response level and negative consequences in physical health.

They will also apply bioinformatics techniques for big data analysis (‘big data’) using artificial intelligence to identify a series of ‘omic’ biomarkers that can predict short-term and long-term prognostic effects.

«This approach will facilitate the adoption of a personalized medicine, which will allow for higher response rates and fewer side effects in the treatment of patients with a first psychotic episode in the future, “the researchers say.


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