Ochoa and Viñas among those infected with Covid-19 in Las Águilas

The championship is about to start and the new wave of infections hit ugly in the Nido Azulcrema. RECORD could confirm that there were 4 footballers who threw positive for COVID in the last PCR tests carried out: Guillermo Ochoa, Federico Viñas, Emanuel Aguilera and Fernando Madrigal.

However, in Coapa there is optimism that it is’false positives‘and for this day they will receive the results of new tests to confirm and / or rule out contagions, although for now the four elements are already isolated.

The truth is that confirm the positive in the new tests, America is not in a position to move on the day of his match against Puebla because the protocol and regulations of the MX League indicates that the club could request not to play a match on the assigned date if it has at least 7 infected players within your template.

Guillermo Ochoa in an America match

It should be remembered that for two of them it would not be the first time that they were infected with the virus, Ochoa and the attacker Viñas were two of the players who had COVID-19 last year and they were out of circulation for a few weeks.

At the moment the club nor the League have manifested, but it all seems like it will be a matter of time before give your version. It is important to mention that so far the only match of the Opening Day rescheduled is the Saints vs. Tigers that originally would be disputed the next Saturday in Torreón, but that due to the outbreak of Coronavirus what was in the squad Felina moved to mid-January.


Federico Viñas in an America match


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