Mexico would analyze acquiring Pfizer pill against covid-19

Starting next Saturday, January 8, the country’s teaching staff will receive the reinforcement of the covid-19 vaccine, reported this Tuesday the secretary of health, Jorge Alcocer Varela.

From the morning conference of the national palace, the person in charge of health in the country specified that the Modern Pharma vaccine will be applied to the teachers of Mexico without interfering in their professional activities.

The reinforcement of educational personnel begins on Saturday, January 8 of this year and covers an estimated 2.7 million people and will be done according to the logistics of the Ministry of Public Education and will start in 16 states with the first shipment that is of 1.27 million and the second that comes five days later in the 16 remaining entities, for a total application with the Modern vaccine, “the secretary explained.

On this same subject, the Secretary of Foreign Relations, Marcelo Ebrard Casaubon, added that Moderna’s antigen comes from a donation from the US pharmaceutical company to Mexico and the first shipment will arrive on January 6 of this week; while the second will arrive in our country between January 8 and 10, 2022.

“It is the first donation that we have of vaccines directly from a US company to the government of Mexico, we thank Moderna for this donation that is significant for us,” said Ebrard Casaubon, stating that with both shipments Mexico will add 200 million doses received in the country so far in the pandemic.

He also referred to the shipment of vaccines pending delivery to Mexico by the COVAX mechanism, which have been significantly delayed despite the fact that an advance of 160 million dollars was given for 50 million antigens.


Regarding the possibility that Mexico approves the use of pills endorsed by the FDA in the United States To attack covid-19 in Mexican patients, López Obrador acknowledged that this possibility is welcomed by Mexican specialists.

Like every Monday, we met and talked about this Pfizer drug and doctor (Gustavo) Reyes Terán gave his favorable opinion for the evaluation to be carried out and, if possible, it was acquired, they talked about this drug, but they are the health officials who decide on these acquisitions “explained the president.

López Obrador also announced that after the reinforcement of the elderly, Mexicans in the age range of 50 to 59 years will continue.

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