JJ.OO. Beijing Winter 2022: Between Diplomatic Boycott and Pandemic

30 days left for the start of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. Will be next February 4th when the Bird’s Nest dress up to receive, for the second time, a large number of athletes under the Olympism competition and where Mexico will also have a participating delegation, with the skater Donnovan Carrillo as standard and flag bearer.

It was in the summer 2008 when the majestic Beijing National Stadium opened its doors for Olympic Games. In that year, the expectation was positive towards the organization of the competition, however, 14 years later, the Chinese Organizing Committee is going through a severe crisis.

United States and its allies

A diplomatic boycott commanded by U.S will cause no representation of the government from said country, as well as from Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom, although their athletes will compete. The decision was made due to “Genocide and crimes against humanity” in Xinjiang, a region in northwest China, as announced by Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary.

And is that the chinese government maintains tough measures against Uyghurs Y other ethnic minorities, a good part of them Muslim. Mass arrests have been made and the forced use of contraceptives and sterilizations.

The call to boycott intensified after what happened with tennis player Peng Shuai, who accused still ex-official high ranking of the government from attacking her sexually. This caused a rapid movement of the Chinese authorities that eliminated all information in the network of that country and Shuai disappeared from the spotlight.

The situation alerted the world, days later the athlete appeared in images provided by journalists from China and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) indicated that he called her twice, one of those calls was with the committee chairman, Thomas Bach last November.

It is expected that the absence of the American, Canadian, Australian and English diplomacy, does not have repercussions towards their respective Olympic delegations.

The Chinese bubble in the middle of the Omicron

Beyond the challenges involved in organizing some Winter Games, China, like Japan with the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, face a health crisis with the new variant of the coronavirus: omicron.

It is so the government has taken action for not affect scheduling of the competences (of the February 4 to 20). As happened in Tokyo, there will be no foreign audience. Athletes, committees, media and organizers will remain in an extreme bubble, in addition to a previous period of confinement of 14 days.

The organizing committee also contemplated to extend the headquarters in three locations: Beijing downtown, the Yanqing suburbs and the contiguous province of Hebei.

Mexican participation

The next January 15 I know registration closes of the athletes classified to the winter olympic joust. The only one confirmed officially is the figure skater, Donovan Carrillo, who will even be the standard-bearer of the delegation that still awaits five more seats.

Among them is that of Sarah schleper, the Mexican-American that competes in Alpine ski after becoming a Mexican citizen for her marriage. Jonathan Soto would also join the delegation in cross country ski. Even, Sarah will accompany Donovan What standard bearer every time since Tokyo 2020 It was installed that each country must appoint a woman and a man as flag bearers to appeal to gender equality.

Artificial snow

Beijing goes through a dry winter. The mountains look without snow and the organizers have made use of 300 artificial snow cannons that for a few weeks they throw their flakes to cover the slopes where the ski competitions will take place.

The shares have been criticized, but since the government I know assures what ehe operation of these guns is based on sustainable energy and it is estimated that the water used for artificial snow will return to the ground when it begins to melt after the Games are over.

It should be noted that, from Chamonix Winter Olympics in 1924, Beijing 2022 will be the first that will be contested with 100 percent artificial snow (In Pyeongchang 2018, 90 percent artificial snow was used) contemplated for skiing in all its modalities and snowboarding; as other sports are carried out on ice rinks.


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