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Having greater control over the health status of employees is one of the challenges that thousands of companies face. The study ‘Cigna 360 Well-being Survey’ shows that 55% of Spanish employees ask to have health insurance that provides them with digital solutions. However, there are some characteristics that are strategic when it comes to addressing the well-being of the workforce.

The company must encourage active listening call with its employees. That will allow them to have a still photo of the situation of the workers. In this sense, cross-team communication is encouraged to see how they feel and what their needs are. In addition, thanks to this, it can help to identify the level of satisfaction of the workers, the image that the company projects or the consolidation in the market.

Companies should also be concerned with defining a strategy that addresses areas for improvement. It is important to define the strategic lines of the business and that these focus on the prevention of issues such as health, risks, accidents and diseases that may be generated from the work environment.

Improvement areas

On the other hand, it is necessary to bet on internal transparency when establishing solutions. The company must publish what its objectives are and what it is going to do to improve the well-being of its workers. At the same time, you must engage with them as the social context evolves. Some of the advantages of this type of action have to do with reducing illnesses and improving social well-being.

Finally, companies should not forget to measure the results generated by the actions they carry out. In this sense, the Human Resources department or the team responsible for managing the personnel in the company must evaluate the feedback of the employees to know both the degree of participation and the commitment that there is to the new philosophy of the company. All this information will be useful to detect new areas for improvement.


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