Exercising more to protect yourself from COVID, the biggest purpose of 2022?

This results in a worsening of cardiovascular conditions, blood clots and lung conditions that, during COVID-19, can be fatal.

Well, if your purpose for the year 2022 is to lose weight, this news will remind you that it is, perhaps, one of the most crucial goals for your health.

Substantial weight loss reduces risk of severe COVID by up to 60%

Scientists analyzed data from more than 20,000 obese patients who underwent weight loss surgery or lost non-surgical pounds. And they looked at how weight loss was linked to severe COVID risk.

The probability of contracting coronavirus was similar between both groups, but the first group had a better immune response after infection thanks to the fact that they lost more weight thanks to the surgery.

The researchers found that they had a 49% lower risk of hospitalization, 63% lower risk of artificially requiring oxygen, and 60% lower risk of severe COVID-19.

“The surprising findings of the current study support the reversibility of the health consequences of obesity in COVID-19 patients,” the authors wrote on the University of Cleveland blog. The study can be consulted here .


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