This is the spectacular motorhome of Leonardo DiCaprio of 1.3 million euros

The world of motorhomes is experiencing a sweet moment, especially the camper segment. There is a very large public in love with trips in these vehicles, a way to enjoy nature in total freedom. And while they are becoming more sophisticated and offer more comforts, they will never match the Spectacular motorhome by Leonardo DiCaprio, valued at around 1.3 million euros.

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Without a doubt, DiCaprio is one of the most important stars in Hollywood and the one with the most fans. It is not usual to know details about his private life, but, through an interview with David rovsek to HGTV and Bloomberg, the owner of King kong, we have been able to know one of the jewels that the popular actor owns, a spectacular motorhome that he uses during the filming of his films.

This is the spectacular motorhome of Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio's motorhome

Because great actors have to pass many hours on the set of a movie, many of them decide to ‘take the house on their backs’. In this sense, the trailer that uses is known Will Smith, The Heat from Anderson Mobile Estates. And Leonardo DiCaprio’s motorhome is not far behind.

It is an authentic rolling suite equipped with all the comforts and full of luxury, with heated marble floors, personalized kitchen and two chimneys. To tell the truth, the décor is a bit dated, but it is forgiven because it was the motorhome you used during the filming of ‘Origin’.

A suite on wheels

Leonardo DiCaprio's motorhome

The motorhome it’s 16 meters long and it has four exits that double the available interior space. There is a living room next to the dining room, with a custom professional kitchen, made of marble and granite, and equipped with a full-size fridge and freezer, a wet bar and numerous wooden compartments. Under the mirrored ceiling, there is a large leather sofa in the living room.

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The motorhome is designed to be an authentic five star house, typical of a celebrity, in which the adjective that best defines it is ‘opulent’. Although not from a positive perspective, judging by the stained glass windows from the TV screen to the bathroom door.

The vehicle includes a Main bedroom so that the actor can rest during the filming of his movie. In total there are seven television screens, two fireplaces, a bathroom and a toilet, which is more than many city apartments can have. All at the reasonable price of 1.3 million euros or 5,300 euros a week for the rent. Something that most mortals cannot afford.


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