She was Zague’s supposed lover; with her it was INFIDEL to Paola Rojas

In the last hours, Luis Roberto Alves “Zague” It became a topic of conversation on social networks after the show program “Chisme No Like” aired the name of the alleged lover of the former soccer player of the Mexican National Team and Club América.

For a few years, the sports analyst has placed himself in the eye of the hurricane due to the constant scandals in which he has been surrounded. The most famous of them were the leak of several intimate videos that went viral.

After the controversy, the striker announced his separation from the journalist, Paola Rojas, with whom he was married for several years and with whom he had two children.

Zague’s alleged lover appears

A few hours ago, the entertainment program “Gossip No Like” aired that the real reason for the break between Zague and Paola Rojas was a lover, who allegedly decided to break the silence by talking about their relationship.

According to the broadcast, the alleged lover of the soccer expert is called Luz Piedad Martínez, with whom he would have had a relationship while he was married to the presenter of Divine Net.

The woman of Colombian origin assured that, as a result of her relationship with the famous soccer player, she had a daughter whom Zague unfortunately does not recognize as her daughter.

Apparently, Luz Piedad Martínez and Luis Roberto Alves Zague They had several encounters starting in 2016, when he was still married to the journalist and television host.

However, after she informed him that she was pregnant, the former soccer player of the America club He would have decided to distance himself and, so far, he has not approached his daughter or at least that is what the show program reported.

Finally, Zague’s alleged lover explained that she is fighting cancer, so she asked for the support of her sentimental ex-partner to pay for her daughter’s expenses. It is unknown if he got any response.


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