Profeco tests 7 air fryers and explains pros and cons

You have a air fryer at home? The Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) put these electrical devices to the test in his laboratory, which are marketed in Mexico and have become more popular lately.

The results yielded some pros and cons of using an air fryerTo begin with, you should know that Profeco put to the test 11 models of air fryers from seven different brands.

Profeco tests 7 air fryers and explains pros and cons. Photo: Reforma

Some of the points that were analyzed were to check the risk points that the consumer who uses these electrical appliances has, how much they consume energy, the temperature stability, the attributes, the cooking uniformity and the information that the packages and labels contain. .

The results obtained by the attorney general’s office are that air fryers do make food crispier with a minimum amount of fat, which is why they “consider them healthier by not having to submerge them in large amounts of oil.”

The air fryers that were analyzed were:

  • Proctor Silex model 35055 1.5 liter, made in China.
  • Taurus Sunshine model (M97201100) 1 liter, made in China.
  • T-fal 4.2 liter Easy Fry & Grill Precision (EY505850) model, made in China.
  • T-fal model Quick Fry (EY12058MX) of 3.5 liters, made in China.
  • Taurus model Hermes (M97200600) of 4 liters, made in China.
  • Hamilton Beach model 35050 of 2.5 liters, made in China.
  • Holstein Housewares model HH-09202007B 4.5 liters, made in China.
  • T-fal 4.2 liter Easy Fry XL Digital Airfryer model, made in China.
  • Oster 4 liter CKSTAF400 models, made in China.
  • 3.6 liter RC-106 model RCA, made in China.
  • Holstein Housewares model HH-09202001B 4.5 liters, made in China.


Some benefits of air fryers, according to the study carried out by Profeco, are:

  • They are easy to use and clean.
  • They are sized appropriately for kitchen space.
  • By preparing their food in them, people consume less fat and cholesterol.

On the contrary, some points against air fryers are:

  • As for the Taurus Sunshine and RCA RC-106 they do not restart cooking automatically.

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The attorney general’s office issued some recommendations when purchasing an air fryer, among which are:

  • Buy it in a formal store, for example, a department store, self-service or online.
  • Check if you need accessories, you should keep in mind that some air fryers use accessories, which you will have to buy separately.
  • Check that the air fryer you are going to buy suits your needs in terms of capacity.
  • Finally, consider the power it has since the higher the power, the shorter the cooking time for the food.

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Finally, Profeco released some recommendations for use, among them are to put it in a safe place in the kitchen, stir the food when it is cooking, when you finish using it, clean it, and be guided by the recommendations issued by the manufacturer in their instructions.

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