Profeco rates air fryers and tells you how much electricity bill will increase

The analysis of eleven models of seven brands of air fryers carried out by the National Consumer Protection Laboratory showed that all the evaluated products, which are marketed in the national market, approved with Good very good Y Excellent.

In the Consumer Magazine of the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) of the month of January 2022, it was explained that due to their safety and uniformity in cooking, they qualified with Excellent: T-FAL easy fry & grill precision (EY505850), of 1450 Watts and a capacity of 4.2 Liters; T-FAL / quick fry-fryer without oil (EY12058MX), 1200 watts and 3.5 liters.

The models that obtained Very Good qualification were:

Proctor Silex (35055), 900-watt 1.5-liter, Taurus Hermes (M97200600), 1250-watt 4-liter, Hamilton Beach (35050), 1400-watt 2.5-liter, Holstein Housewares (HH-09202007B), 1550-watt, 4.5-liter , T-FAL easy fry XL digital airfryer (EY4018MX) 1400 watts and 4.2 liters and the Oster CKSTAF400 1500 watts of 4 liters.
The three models that received Good overall evaluation are: Taurus SUNSHINE (M97201100) 750 watts of 1 liter, RCA RC-106 1300 watts of 3.6 liters and Holstein Housewares (HH-09202001B), 1550 watts and 4.5 liters.

Impact on electricity tariff

Profeco assured that the consumption of electrical energy in these devices is “important” so that if it is used daily for two or three times the receipt can increase between 30 and 50 pesos.

For example, if you fry a pound of potato strips at 200 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes, the fryer will consume approximately 500 watt-hours, which at the highest residential rate equals 50 cents.

“If you use it occasionally, it will not have a significant impact on your bi-monthly electricity bill; however, if you do it daily on two or three occasions, your receipt could increase between approximately 30 and 50 pesos, ”said Profeco.



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