Details of why Rodolfo Pizarro did not arrive at Chivas

Rodolfo Pizarro is back in Mexican soccer. The national team was in the sights of the hurricane in recent weeks, because after his time in MLS, several teams from the Liga BBVA MX raised their hands for him.

Now, it is practically a fact that will sign with the Rayados; In fact, he could already be seen with the colors of the institution and it is said that he passed the corresponding physical tests to be able to make his signing official and his return to the Sultana del Norte.

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Rodolfo Pizarro’s past with Monterrey

The midfielder arrived with the Rayados after being champion with the Chivas, and his impact was such that he managed to repeat the feat of winning the Liga BBVA MX, in addition to the Concachampions, managed to also add with Guadalajara.

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After that he decided to go to MLS, with the promise of there being able to make the leap to football in the Old Continent, or at least that is what he told him. David beckham, to talk about getting to Inter Miami.

Unfortunately, their time in American football went without pain or glory, and this year, at the end of their two-year contract, the Florida team did not want to renew him as a Franchise Player and had to return to our country.

The reasons why Chivas did not sign Pizarro

One of the main issues that limited the arrival of Pizarro was the high salary that the player wanted, and due to the financial limitations of the club Amary vergara She refused; Now, it was possible to know with information from Alex Ramírez de Azteca Jalisco that Michel Leaño avoided the signing.

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In a first approach, the national attacker had agreed to lower his salary claims, but according to the same source, The Chivas coach considered that the now Rayados player would have broken the dressing room, and that is why they let him go, despite the requests of the fans.


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