Atlante is already working on its certification to promote

In the coming months the MX League will deliver the log of charges to be fulfilled by the teams of the Expansion League to be able to start the Season 2022-23 with possibilities of competing for promotion to the MX League and that’s why teams like Atlante They already think about their solid project to meet that goal.

Although Liga MX maintains certain locks for promotion, the Colts board of directors will present a project in January in which, in addition to the clubhouse that they will have south of Mexico City, they will have some academies that as of today already have with the approval of the leadership headed by Emilio escalante.

In January we will announce the clubhouse project that work is already underway and that will help us to have a project of basic and women’s forces ”, said the president of the club 2021 Apertura Champion in an interview with Mediotiempo.

“We have academies that we have been certifying to be a seedbed and that they work in the best way and if they comply with everything that we are we certify them and these are not only in Mexico City, we also already have academies in Guaymas, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Toluca, Teotihuacán and some city halls of the capital and we want a seedbed in all these ”.

Escalante acknowledged that as soon as the Liga MX managers announced the reactivation of the promotion to the maximum circuit, they found a new motivation to meet the objectives that were set when they took over the team in the summer of 2020.

“It is motivating for everyone to know that they are going to certify us and that we will do everything to get that certificate and take the next step and we will take everything very seriously as we have up to now and that news motivates us ”.

Promotion will open the door to sponsors

The one who returns the promotion even if it is conditional for Expansion clubs, makes sponsors want to invest in the team and thus help to maintain better conditions in all aspects.

It is difficult, many are exchanges and others that are with financial support but you understand that part and now that the sponsors are open, they will be more interested and more if we do things well as we have been doing, having black numbers as up to now ”.

The leader confessed how complicated it has been to knock on the advertisers’ door during this year and a half in which they frozen their promotion to Liga MX.

Since we started this stage, sponsorships have been going up that have seen a serious project, and we know that there may be more, but that is limited to whether there is promotion or not, we have knocked on doors but they always told us that until there was promotion and that news is good for all of us to open the issue of sponsors ”.


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