Chivas will offer Alexis Vega double salary

Alexis vega has become a priority for Chivas. As anticipated

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, the intention of the rojiblanca board of directors is to renew their “10” and that is why they already have in mind the definitive offer so that he stays for the next tournament.

After the departure of Uriel antuna Y Alejandro mayorga, in addition to that of Oribe Peralta, the Flock does not want to lose its best player on offense. That is why they have held talks with their representative to reach an agreement, because it has never crossed their minds that he goes to another club.

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Chivas’ offer to Alexis Vega

According to information from Record, the chiverío will try to convince Alexis vega to stay, offering him double the salary of what he receives now. There is even talk that the offer has already been sent from the rojiblancas offices and they expect a response soon.

Previously in Chivas They offered him a slight salary improvement but did not meet the forward’s expectations. That is why it began to be rumored of the departure of Vega to Rayados from Monterrey and even the possibility that he would reach royal lands together with

Rodolfo Pizarro

Future of Alexis Vega

The urgency of Chivas It is also due to the fact that the Alexis vega It ends in December 2022. That means that if it is not renewed this semester, for the following semester it could freely negotiate with any other club. That would mean that the Flock could not get something, economically speaking, from a possible exit of the forward.

For now Alexis vega is concentrated with Chivas and at the start of the Mexico shouts BBVA Closing 2022, where they will debut against Mazatlán. In the last preseason game, the forward scored a goal and uploaded a photo kissing the flock’s shield. The attacker also wants to continue as rojiblanco.

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