Relationship between lung cancer and consumption of high doses of vitamin B

Recent studies by specialists at Houston Methodist Hospital have revealed that men, and especially smokers, may be more likely to develop lung cancer if they take high doses of vitamins B6 and B12.

In 2020, an incidence of more than 2 million cases of lung cancer in the world and around 1.8 million deaths from this cause was estimated. In Mexico, there were 7,811 new cases and 6,733 deaths from lung cancer.

According to Dr. Eric Bernicker, Medical Director of Thoracic Oncology at Houston Methodist Hospital, in a study that included men taking vitamin supplements, it was observed that the risk of lung cancer almost doubled. For men who smoked, the risk was three to four times higher.

There is a myth that states that ingest vitamin B as prevention of cancer or the use of chemotherapy, it is recommended, however, the specialist stated that, “there is no reason to take vitamin B supplements in high doses as a cancer or chemotherapy preventive approach. In fact, there is a strong belief that vitamins will never harm you, and this is not always the case, ”added Dr. Bernicker.

The specialist assured that the only way to prevent lung cancer is simply to adopt good habits, especially quitting the tobacco habit, in the case of people who smoke.

“Smokers who are trying to lower their risk of lung cancer should quit tobacco and get screened for lung cancer. In this way, they certainly wouldn’t need high doses of any vitamins to protect themselves. “

Regarding whether the type of lung cancer that people who have taken a multivitamin develop has a worse prognosis than in people who do not have a history of this type, Dr. Bernicker commented that, “not necessarily, what happens is that it has demonstrated a greater propensity, but the response to the disease depends on each patient. “

Finally, Dr. Bernicker reiterated that, “smokers who really want to cut down or quit, should try until they achieve it, they should also adopt a healthier lifestyle such as exercising and getting a lung cancer screening test, regularly. I think that is the best way to reduce mortality from lung cancer ”. The Houston Methodist Hospital specialist finished.

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