Price of a liter of gasoline in León today, Friday, December 31: Where is it cheaper?

Leon, GuanajuatoThe price of a liter of gasoline in León already exceeded 25 pesos in some gas stations, but in one of them the cost per liter is below 19 pesos.

The price of gasoline has maintained a slow rise, but it is already noticeable on the boards that announce the costs in the different outlets in the city.

At the gas station located on the corner of Malecón del Río, Calzada de los Héroes and Mérida Premium gasoline is sold at 25.19 pesos, which ranks it as the most expensive in the city.

At this station, a liter of regular gasoline is sold for less than 19 pesos

In contrast, the lowest price is for regular gasoline, that is, the Magna sold at the station located in the Boulevard Juan José Torres Landa in front of the Las Huertas neighborhood, where the liter is sold for 18.96 pesos.

Despite its low cost and being on one of the busiest roads in the city, the station had few customers when Periódico AM visited it this afternoon to check these prices.

Other stations located near the area near Poliforum, even have waiting lines to be attended and the cost of their cheapest fuel ranges between 19.19 and 20 pesos, which is among the lowest in that area, also highly crowded.

In the case of diesel, the cheapest cost is offered at the gas station located at the intersection of Vicente Valtierra and Delta Boulevard, there the liter is offered at 19.23 pesos.

Table of prices for a liter of gasoline

* Fuel type – lowest cost – highest cost *

  • Diesel -19.23 – 23.13
  • Regular – 18.96 – 21.89
  • Premium – 19.90 – 25.19


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