How is the New Year celebrated in Exatlón México?

Worldwide, the arrival of the New Year 2022 saying goodbye to 2021 as a year that continued to mark the lives of many.

From north to south, the term of a year was celebrated that marked the lives of all and Exatlon has not been the exception.

New Year on Exatlón island

This year they did not give news of how the New Year 2022 on the island of Exatlon Mexico, the situation is precarious with the athletes because we already have an end date for this fifth season, which will be at the end of January 2022 and with the announcement of a new season of Exatlón All Stars.

For Christmas the Battle for Christmas was held where the Guardians were the winners and were able to celebrate a Christmas dinner with a loved one of their family on the island. Conquerors, although they were the losers of the battle, they were able to enjoy a Christmas dinner and make video calls to their families in their cities of origin.

Last year the arrival of the New Year on the island of Exatlon It was celebrated with a delicious dinner and drink shared by the teams of Titans and Heroes, putting aside the rivalry that exists for the competition aside.

After the fabulous dinner, all the athletes enjoyed a cocktail on the beaches of the island located in Costa Rica while dancing and will celebrate the first minutes of 2021.

On this occasion there was no talk of what will happen as a celebration for the participants of the fifth season of Exatlon Mexico which, as we already mentioned, is close to coming to an end with the date of January 30, 2022.

This date, according to spoilers, is because it will give way to Exatlón All Stars that will have the best elements of all seasons, finalists and champions.

Rumor has it that this upcoming elimination to be carried out on January 2, 2022 It will be double to speed up the process to reach the final and thus give way to the new stage of Exatlon which will start on January 31 of this year.


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