Dr. Iván Castillo became the new dean of the UCM School of Medicine

Social 02-01-2022

Dr. Iván Castillo became the new dean of the UCM School of Medicine

– The new dean of Medicine UCM, met with the administrative and professional collaborators of the Faculty of Medicine to welcome the team members to the new dean.
Give continuity to the seal of excellence and continuous improvement of the Faculty and its careers, maintain its national position among the alternatives of medical training and specialties at the country level, and continue working for the unity of the human team it has, are some of the Tasks that will mark the management of the new dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the Universidad Católica del Maule, Dr. Iván Castillo M.
Dr. Castillo is a Surgeon graduated from the University of Chile and a specialist in Pathological Anatomy from the same institution. He served as director of the Department of Preclinical Sciences of the UCM School of Medicine between 2016 and 2018 and as director of the campus School of Medicine between 2018 and 2021.
“The changes are always different, because although it is true that I have worked very closely all this time with Dr. Raúl Silva –outgoing dean and one of the founders of the career and Faculty of the campus-, we are different people, we hope to continue the This line, because he sets the bar very high in terms of the development of the faculty, which is finally what we all hope for ”, commented the new dean of the UCM Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Iván Castillo, in the first meeting with his team.
“I think I have to change now in a period of adaptation, a transition towards a greater complexity of the Institution. We know that the University is more and more complex, since before there were a series of processes that were simpler, but increasingly more complex, but they all point towards achieving excellence ”, added Dr. Castillo.
Then, the new dean of Medicine UCM, invited the community to maintain direct and trustful contact with his management, stating that “Any concern or apprehension, we have the regular channels to make them present (…) I take the opportunity to announce that no there are major modifications. We have a new building, a new career, and many, many challenges. I believe that what we have most are challenges to develop, to meet, and I hope that the job expectations and development expectations of all of us who are here can be met, “said dean Dr. Iván Castillo M.
“I take this opportunity to thank all the work they did for the School of Medicine, to all those who have collaborated with the school so that it develops and advances even in critical periods, who have supported the accreditation process, also thank them for their commitment and tell them that All the documentation has already been submitted and we are awaiting the visit of peer evaluators in the new accreditation process. since it had to be postponed due to the pandemic. Today we have to accredit ourselves under the new law, it is different and more demanding as well. Without a doubt we have a very high bar, with six years of accreditation of the Medicine career that we hope to maintain and aim for the seven, which is the maximum, so I invite you to continue working with the same commitment and dedication that you have had and join the new challenges that are to come, “said the new dean of Medicine UCM.
Additionally, Dr. Castillo informed that in the next few days he will meet with the academic body to give them a welcome greeting and present the new direction of the School of Medicine.
The UCM School of Medicine has the careers of Medicine -accredited for 6 years-, Chemistry and Pharmacy, Medical Bioengineering and the new Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Sciences, which will receive its first generation in admission 2022.


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